Bio Sketch

Louisiana artist Don Reggio was the only student of Robert M. Rucker (1932-2001), a regional painter of Louisiana, who studied with nationally-known artist John McCrady (1911–1968).

Reggio draws his artistic inspiration from his family’s heritage, historical context, and sense of place both urban and rural. Working across different media, Reggio is known for his classic portraits of the Live Oak, landscapes and historic recreations of 19th C. steamboats, which Rucker immortalized in his work. Equally significant are his paintings of historic buildings in old New Orleans and the unique traditions of her people, such as the Jazz Funeral.  Meticulous draftsmanship underlies all his finished compositions.

At the age of 16, Reggio won first place in the Pirates Alley Art Show and is a juror admitted active member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society.

Reggio is also an award winning graphic designer and multimedia producer applying his artistic skills in corporate communications. He is active in the American Marketing Association, International Association of Business Communicators and Media Communicators Association International.